Before I get all into my latest revised edition of "why the universe appears to be expanding at an accelerated rate from our perspective" theory I'd like to spend some time dogging the dark energy theory. Spent plenty of time dogging dark matter but not so much dark energy.

This is all assuming that the big bang theory is correct and most everyone has no problems with that, especially the dark matter/energy crew. So, our visible universe is expanding and the rate/speed of expansion is accelerating, we know this by measuring Doppler shift. The farter away matter is from us the faster it is speeding away from us. The so-called scientists can't splain this so they came up with the dark energy theory. That is there is an invisible, unmeasurable force that is pushing stuff away from all other stuff. Invisible, unmeasurable antigravity if you will. Of course I have a simple, non-voodoo theory about this expansion that obeys the laws of physics but we won't be getting into that today.

In my world I say that the universe is infinite but the dispersion of matter in it is not. The big bang theory states that in an almost empty universe there was an almost infinitesimally small point of matter/energy and it blew up. An explosion in the vacuum of space. Being as there was no gravity, matter, anything that could affect this exploding point that would mean that this explosion threw matter/energy omnidirectionaly. How could it not? Right after the explosion the point of explosion should be empty with everything growing outward from that point and the dispersion of matter (dark green) within the universe should look sumpin like this...

Zero(0) being the point of the explosion and the red outlined area being, for this case, our visible universe. Barring the effects of flying Monkeys or voodoo that just HAS to be, correct?

So far no mathematical equations or complicated formulas are necessary, simple.

A side view of the sphere gives us...

I know, they who are called they now say that the universe if 13.7 billion years old, I rounded up to 14 billion years. So the dispersal of matter in our universe has to be at least 54 billion light years in diameter. The diameter of the inside circle can not be determined but I say it has to be at least sumpin, no matter. Now, with the dark energy theory if we are located somewhere in the middle of that red area the matter at the inside and outside edge should be moving away from us at the same speed. The inside edge is moving back to the zero(0) point and the outside edge towards the great beyond. Seems to me the dark energy folks have forgotten about the effects of gravity. Take this image...

As the power of gravity decreases with distance the matter between the two ends of "x" should have more gravitational pull than the matter between the two ends of "z." That matter as the "x's" should be increasing in speed away from us more fasterer than the matter at the "z." But the measurements of our visible universe state that the speed of matter withdrawing from us is all the same. The "y" measurement should be at least 28 billion light years more than "x."

Just a wee math problem I have with the dark energy theory.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?