I totally agree with Marchimedes post #29161 above dated 01/15/09.

I call it the implosion of the universe (rather than contraction), because the so called “acceleration” of the universe, in that new interpretation (implosion) now makes one with the accelerated motion of the gravitation phenomenon.

Physicists alleged expansion of the universe is based on Hubble’s Doppler red shift discovery.
Yet and most importantly in the late 1990’s astronomers discovered that that expansion was actually accelerating, and that’s that accelerated motion that threw physics theories out of whack!

The explanation I give (in my website) is with the emergency vehicle:
So here is physics interpretation:
After Hubble's observations of red Doppler shifts, physicists assert that distant galaxies move away from us and that the universe is expanding.
And here is this innovative idea I share with Marchimedes:
Yet these shifts do not mandate such expansion.
In gravimotion's interpretation we move away from the distant galaxies while these are hardly moving.

Here is an analogy; just as Hubble's red shift, the high pitch of an emergency vehicle siren is getting lower when the vehicle is receding from you. But ask the driver of that vehicle to stop while keeping its siren on; then climb in your own car, and drive by the siren. Now while you are receding from it, the pitch is slowing all the same.
Hubble's shift can be interpreted as us receding faster from far away galaxies than close by galaxies!
An imploding universe is far more elegant, than physicists expanding one
Because an imploding yet accelerating universe works hand in hand with gravitation's own accelerated motion!

I came myself to that conclusion in a different way.
I came to that conclusion through my own understanding of the force of gravity or my own understanding of Einstein Space-time-curvature.

For that innovative idea too visit: