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Paul's Method: - Here's the conclusion. Never mind the facts.

where did you show me a fact?

point to an instance of matter converting to energy or vice versa if you believe me to be wrong.

you say you stand corrected , I did not correct you I injected my personal thoughts about the (matter).

I only dissagree with your shared opinion.

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Paul wants to be pointed to an instance of matter being converted to Energy, or visa versa.

Your question:- Does Energy convert to matter?

Mike Kremer said:-

"Well since E=mc2 ...(I assume you believe that)
So like all Math formuae, theoreticaly it should work both ways"
I dont profess to have to much knowledge in this direction. But one does get enormous amounts of energy from a tiny mass. Therefore it should require an enormous amount of energy to create a tiny mass back again?
I feel sure of that, although I cannot find any direct written
proof of this.
However I can think of one relevant example which might clear your mind a little .....The creation of Anti-matter in the synchroton, which in turn annihilates into pure Energy upon meeting +matter.


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