For the record scientists don't build houses. We leave that to Engineers, Builders and some woodsman to do. You probably need to find a more relevant example to attack us evil no good for nothing scum with.

it took a while to find something that you guys had done
mostly because I was trying to think of something good for
humanity , that's when I decided that I was looking in the wrong direction... and then this came in to mind
as soon as I changed my search or thought pattern.

your right you evil no good for nothing scum never do
build anything , but you sure are good at destroying things.

hows that for relativity , scum.

I can't even master setting up a good beer keg and you really want me to build your house? I serve a pretty mean foam in a cup.

which is exactly why I don't think you guys should be allowed
to play with toys such as the LHC that engineers and construction workers designed and built for you so that you
could accomplish squat after squat after squat.

you are waaaaaaaaaay to prone to be brain dead from all the
alcohol and drugs you consume not to mention the fantasy existence that you reside in and believe in as if it
is were reality.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.