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Most humble pardons teacher. cool Since you are most super-brainy pyramid expert in whole world. wink


If you can tell us how they moved the up to 2000ton (4.4 million pound) pink granite blocks at Baalbek you'd be real smart.

Yep, that and the others, got most of it darwn up allready. Don't have my file gizmo with me tonight though. And besides, I've jus started on the pramid stuff here, buku allready done I haven't posted here yet. Obelisks and Stonehenge stuff too boot. All very simple.

I'll be back.

Caught me a litle off gaurd with somebody actually repling here.

Now, I do have all this stuff all ready posted in my thread titled "...and the horse you rode in on", but it's at a political site and it's scattered hither and yon in that thread, I think that thread is over 3000 replies so you'd have to do quite a bit of digging to find the moving and stacking of heavy stuff stuff. If you are a flaming liberal you might want to stay away cause I crush socialists almost daily. But, I do pimp this thread there so it's only fair to do the same here.

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?