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Oh yeah we can all see your colossal brain .. trust me we are all definitely laughing at your colossal brain.


Got a mouse in your pocket?

Nowz when you link to/copy paste to here proof of your contention that you all are laughing at me.

I, on the other hand, can simply go back into this thread and link to buku posts of a positive nature about my postings here.

Makes your little assertion kinda hollow, don't you think?

Sort of why Paul and you

Paul? My conjoined twin? Oh, you mean the Paul at this site.

Don't know much about him. A little. But then I have a sum total of maybe 131 posts at this site now.

How many you gots? Lettuce go check...

1265, eh? You stud you.

Lil' sumpin just for you...


I'm quite sure everyone at this site pretty much figured out you are a jerk by your second post.

Some of your best work...

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The problem with all your whacky stupid physics is you don't really think things thru before typing blatantly stupid answers

Consider this blatant stupidity that a child can see the problem with

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So only you would be stupid enough...

Science doesn't make arguments on garbage that ignores all data we leave that to religious nutcases and science whack jobs.

just become the butt of all of our jokes and we really just ignore you because even the kiddies laugh at you.

But please do continue to share you colossal brain insight with us it is actually so good. [/quote]

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For those interested and not lazy...

All of this stuff is very basic and beyond the ability of nutters and whack jobs...

So the answer to our monkey idiot Marchimedes...

You're simply just a...


You know, Orac, it's not that you are a troll that bothers me so much, trolls come with the net, it's that right now I could be typing another theory of mine. I've got another "what if" on deck. I always do. Now, I could just ignore you, but that is not in my nature. I don't suffer fools. And I damn sure don't suffer fools in MY threads. There is a price to pay. You paying it right now. All your little talk of "we" and "our" falls flat. I know my worth. I type my worth. My worth is proven in my numbers. My worth is proven by the lack of refutation of my theories. There's mighty fine folks at this site. I've, at this site, asked how to figure acceleration, I got it. I've asked about the effects of gravity over distance. I learned at this site the inverse square rule of gravity. Your, on the other hand, sum total of replies amount to "you suck." hardly worthy of a site such as this. I pinned you perfectly with my initial assessment...

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Ah, A malcontent, a neer-do-well, a stick in the mud, a wrench in the works, an, I'm guessing...

Obama voter.

Pile on:

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At least I'm not too lazy to put the required extra "o" in "too" but then maybe English is not your first language.

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in my homeland

Looks like I might have nailed that one right off the bat, eh?

Oh no, I'm not done.

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you are too... arrogant

This thread is chock full of my self-professed arrogance. At the site I've linked you to a guy started a thread, straightedge it was saying he was the most arrogant member there. I provided in his thread a litany of my arrogance. He apologized for stepping on my turf. See, junior, I even have my own flag...

The stars on that flag is the face of my avatar.

Now THAT'S arrogance.

Check long time ago, 2007...


The morale of the story...


is that if I proudly call myself arrogant and you come behind me and call me, that's right, arrogant, well, you figure it out.

Ah, crap, I grow bored.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?