redewenur , I would like to give you an example of what Im talking about in the form of a lab experiment.

in this example it will be shown that matter and energy are two seperate entities.

what you will need:

1) a small boiler with steam engine.
( availiable on the internet)
2) a canister filled with compressed air.
3) a tank filled with water
4) a fuel source ( for heating the water )
5) a small generator
6) a large container to hold the small power plant you will be building.

connect the generator to the steam engine.
drill a hole to allow wires to escape the large container

you may want to use a remote control to ignite the fuel in the boiler.

completely seal your small power plant up inside the large container so that nothing can escape or enter the container.

connect a light bulb of proper wattage to the wires comming out of the container from the generator.
measure the weight of the container and everything in it

remotely trigger the release of the compressed air and the fuel and ignite the boiler.

watch as the boiler builds pressure and the steam engine begins to turn the generator.

the light bulb lights up and it will run until it runs out of air or fuel.

measure the weight of the container again

although most of the fuel and air is gone.

it will all weigh the same , because the matter did not decrease.
it was converted into another form of matter not into energy.

but how then did the bulb light up , if the energy came from the matter?

as for the fission equations you replied with it is my personal opinion that the energy did not come from the matter , it was converted into another form , perhaps one that you dont know about yet , or cannot see.

but if you have lost matter then I sudgest that you try to find it or where its going , because we exist in a
matter / antimatter
environment and upsetting that balance might result in something we cant fix on this end.

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3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.