Was there something in all that we were supposed to understand and be impressed about?

What we learnt is you are proud of something you think about yourself and how you view yourself .... you lost me on what exactly it was supposed to be?

What we worked out you have very poor logic and deductive powers.

Lets look at a prime example of your logic and reasoning

(Observation A).
You proudly boast they you worked out English was not my first language and I am a foreigner ... check correct

(Conclusion B.)
Yet you conclude I am an Obama voter .... huh

Houston we have a logic failure.

The obvious question a normal logical person would instantly realize is that a person meeting observation A would be highly unlikely to be eligible to do conclusion B.

A highly intelligent and observant person may also note my address listed under my name which sort of implies USA is not my normal residence.

So while I am sure you are proud of yourself and are a legend in your own lunchbox the rest of us just see you as a normal school dropout loser you meet thousands of them on the internet ... so sorry I don't see you as special just a sad normal soul that education passed by ... Victor Hugo would call you Les MisÚrables.
I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.