They dead.


Back to the switch backs...

Yes, I can draw that buku more betterer now. Still gets the job done.

So, what I call external scaffolding, there's really no end to how wide/deep these (lanes) can be made. Given that the things that slows this job site down the most are block production/available (experienced) workers I can make the scaffold more biggerer than the pyramid itself but that will still not speed things up. This pyramid has to be done in Khufu's reign. I've read all kinds of estimates on long it took to be built, but I ain't seeing evidence. Not even logical deduction.

Now would be a good time for me to spend some time on things other than moving and stacking blocks. I gots that part.

My screen name: Marchimedes. I may have wroted this before in this thread, if so, please to forgive me.

"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." - Archimedes.

My first name is Mark. Get it? Archimedes was correct about the lever, I know this well with my time moving heavy. I'll be posting some very boring examples of this. But then I have to. In my wanderings about the net, what I like to call, when I take this train wreck that keeps making all the stops on the road, "teacher's pyramid crusade and travelling menagerie" (you gots Monkeys so far, more animals are coming) ah screw it, how about another animal right now... ?

...that's correct, that's a Walrus and me on a barca-lounger. I'll get to the explanation of that one day...

I've had folks tell me that a lever won't do what I say a lever can do. It's not like I can get these idiots to go find sumpin that weighs tons with a crowbar in hand to follow my explicit directions so I needs splain these things, Lucy. I'll be doing that, in mind-numbing detail. So bear with me, I have to cover all bases, I've found that if I leave one stinkin thing out I get hammered. I even spelt "pyramid" wrong once and that was evidence that I can't build one. I've mentioned that I have issues. Gettin it correct the first time is one of them. Then there's me gettin distracted, by me.

However, I think I got this one, lanes and all, you know?

I'm quite sure I'm not a 1/4 way through this. Now I have to figure what should be next. Maybe more on level and leveling the pyramid foundation.

Then orientation.

No promises though.


Gettin a tad lonely in here. Could someone stop by and say hello?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?