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Since no one yet knows what DM is, it's not a good time in history to be making bold assertions about it.

Nuttin but net.

Thanks to RickB, who did the work for us...

At 1g:

99%............6.8 years
99.9%..........21.66 years
99.99%.........68.5 years
99.999%........216.76 years

You can cut those times in half by going at "2g" instead of "1g"...but you still have the same problem of the times stretching out to infinity.


Ah, thank you. Not that long actually.

I find it difficult to grasp, Marchi, since it's all about frames of reference (with more than a bit of maths to understand). For example:

"So in theory you can travel across the galaxy in just 12 years of your own time"

So the times above are as witnessed by the guys at mission control, not to anyone aboard the spacecraft.


Yea, I get the observer point of view deal.

Ties in with my speed of light limit too.

Thanks, now I've got yet more pondering to do...
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?