Sorry kids, my image hoster got all dead like.

So I been a tad busy. I'll splain in a sec.

There's the two I started this train wreck with. Glad to see I'm not banned.


Sumpin fresh...

I'm still putting the pyramids back together, I get round to it.

Ive also constructing Stonehenge, but that is exclusive for the site of a couple of my friends. But you can lurk that, and it's got stuff that pretains to pyramids.

Of course the original pyramid deal is at...

Ya I know, shameless self promotion. I feel just aweful about it.

But feel free to join BOTH sites, and reference me, teacher, it's free and they send you a case of beer after your first post. Really, I swear.

Now I'll be back with new space as it gets done and tidy up the pyramids thread real soon like, but I gotta hellofa political debate I'm winning going on right now, with all the bells and whistles...

And don't stand there with those looks on your faces, I've allready told them that you guys are just swell, and linked to here and everything.

But you know sites are kinda clanish and folks afraid to go outside, what with me creeping around and all. So don't hold your breath of folks joining.

Afdter all, they get they can stand of me there.

No, wait, that's not what I meant...

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?