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Ah. Why do I get the feeling that his former masters last names rhyme with words like "Astro" or "Spavez" or "Sputin?"

You would be correct my former masters were Russian, but I am not Russian a concept that sometimes seems to escape some especially in the USA.

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Did you see where a long time ago Orac started in with the nasty on me

Nasty ... I just disagree totally with you and that makes me not your friend? Do you know the fable of The Fox and the Crow?

On the other side I am open to changing my opinion on things, something most on here are not. I am can also sometimes be wrong, as opposed to most on the forum who are never wrong. It was dangerous to be too insistent on being "right" in my upbringing.

You might guess my education is what you call may call the "comrade school of learning" and that they didn't paint a good picture of pharaohs. You can probably guess how Egyptian civilization is regarded by communists or socialists.

So maybe I am just brainwashed or maybe I just genuinely can't find a single thing to admire or like about this civilization.

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I finished it and called him an Obama voter and Amaranth Rose II came in and yelled at me first?

You completely lost me. Is there something good or bad about being a Obama voter? The fact AR2 intervened makes it sound like an insult but I can't understand it much less be offended by it. So would it be something like calling me a "commie", which has happened to me. With my life history it was a rather funny and didn't quite get the insult effect intended ... probably like calling a Jew a Nazi sympathizer.

I guess an interesting question to Paul and Marchimedes might be have you ever been to the Cahokia Mounds in Illinois? How was that done? There are similar questions much closer to home.

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.