Will add that to me reading list Bill G. I do however agree there really isn't much to most of these great achievements. What I find fascinating is the romance of Egyptian history with certain Western groups and Internet junkies and I guess Paul is in that group.

I guess for me I will never understand why they bother worrying about these old details. If I was allowed to squander the vast proportion of my civilizations wealth on laying blocks accurately then I am pretty sure I could do it better than the Egyptians.

It seems to escape in the romance of the Egyptians, that here was a civilization that spent most of its wealth building bigger and bigger hills so it's leaders could try and become immortal and the most powerful afterlife being.

So I guess my questions to you Paul

1.) Am I supposed to admire Egyptian civilization or just admire it's achievements in being able to place some blocks accurately?

2.) Taking the most extreme claims of what the Egyptians could do, the technology to lay blocks has disappeared and why should I care? I have never needed to lay blocks in any greater accuracy than I can using modern methods.

I guess the underlying issue for me is the Egyptians don't have any qualities I remotely admire, I detest everything about there civilization. In fact they pretty much look like my former masters where everyone suffers so those at the top can do what they like.

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.