I've read in the rules that we have to stay on topic. Well, my topic is, or should be, "why the universe appears to expanding at an accelerated rate from our perspective."

And now I'm going on and on and on about pyramid construction theory.

Not banned yet.

Lemme push it some, but then I have done so long ago, I been all speed of light, speed of gravity, buku other stuff. Matter of fact, I've done twiwdi here before it all went little black x's. So, really...

But still, I want to push it. I see ya'll have a little climate change deal/forum going on here. This doesn't have to be political.

Said just there a post or two ago that I'm a Republican, actually, I'm more of a Libertarian. Simply put that means on social issues I'm liberal, on fiscal and national security matters conservative.

There, I've now alienated the other half.

Now everybody but the Neil Boortz type Libertarians can hate me. So more expensive therapy.

Trust me, ya'll don't want me in your climate change forum. I'll run amok, get huge views and next thing you know folks will be calling for my banning.

Please to let me be, right here, in my little cloistered enclave with my crazy azz saying my crazy things.

I went a long ways to set this next up there.

I'm gonna give you some links, said links are to a thread of mine at a political debate forum. I do the same thing there that I do here, that is, I have one, single, individual personality driven thread. I'm not much for going hither and yon keeping up with the things I've posted at multiple web sites/threads. I have a life outside of the net. I have endeavored to maximize my impact for the posts I have wroted. Look no further than here for evidence of that. I now have me some 460k views for what this makes my 151st post here. That is far and away my best posts/views ratio. Like I've oft said, I love you nerds. Matter of fact, I consider myself, at the least, a Prince of Nerds. I'm low balling myself, but, before I go on, it's time to test if YouTube's work here. I'm very fond of YouTube's....


Bah, it don't show like I'm used to. What am I doing wrong? But you can click on it and get there.

So, YouTubes kinda work here now, some. Hmm. Gonna have to be very careful with that.

So click on that and now I'll just friggin say not so much Prince, I'm going with King.

I know. But there ya go.

Now. there's couple of reasons I'm going through all this:

1. I speak highly of this site at that other site. Matter of fact, I link to this site at that site. This is a big deal. At that site no one is allowed to link to other forums. It is a rule. I didn't make that rule. One day, long ago, I PM'ed the owner of that site and officially requested that I be allowed, just me, to be able to link to other forums. I promised the site owner that if I linked to other sites that at those other sites I would also link to his site. Now we get to hubris. Look at this thread, look at my views, fact of the matter is that I'm drawing readers. It was the same there when I made my request. This is good for bidness, I am good for bidness, plain and simple. The more hits a site gets, the more they can charge for advertisement. Yes, I am taking advantage of this fact. I do many things, I have many tactics/methods, put them all together I simply call it... "The Formula." I stick to the formula, at times I advance the formula, I keep an eye on the views, I try things and act accordingly. This may seem like I'm obsessed, I look at it like I'm optimizing my time spent typing my foolish things on the net.

I say numbers don't lie.

I have almost exactly the same amount of views at the political site but there I am a tad over 15k posts. Maybe some 10k posts in my thread. I do get around and I am moderator there, have been cents day 41, actually, I'm The friggin Warden, with all the powers of admin. I moderate liberals vs. conservatives at a site where we can call each other any name you can think of.

Think you mods have it tuff here? Pfft.

My two beloved sites, man.

The Deuce. I do speak well of this site at this site and I want to prove it. That means a link. I wanted to explain the link and warn ya'll. I ain't done warning ya'll.

Craps. All this would be unnecessary if I didn't have some few question about water and ice. But, all this would rear it's ugly head sooner or later and every now and then I do not procrastinate.

Now, fine ladies, gentlemen and Orac, head my warning. These links shall take you to my thread at a political debate forum. Ya'll think I'm bad here? You ain't seen nuttin if you stray away from the links coming. If you are a democrat, a socialist, a liberal, a commie, a bedwetter, a Marxist, a statist, really, really, do not stray from the linked posts. Matter of fact, I've an old image that I give to other threads at the political site if I'm linking to my thread there. Looks like this...

My thread there is that horrible. If ya'll attempt to bring politics to this thread here I shall not engage. If you try really hard and rub me the wrong way I shall copy your thread here and paste it there and get busy. You do not want that.

And now, water and ice in the horse thread...




See? I spoke nice of us nerds.

Again, this is the question I ask of ya'll for an answer, to...

the Earth's ocean surface covers 141,600,000 square miles.

How do we easily convert .2016 million cubic miles into depth over 141,600,000 square miles?

Long ways to go for that.

And while I'm busting rules in anticipation of my banning here's my hydrogen gas idea...

Lots of bad language in here, again...


Ya'll smart, smart like me. Please to tell me if I err.

I wants be checked by those in the know.

There's gonna be lots more of this before pyramids is over.

If I can't do this here where can I do it? A political site? Look askance of the language and concentrate on the science.

We gettin back to human nature here, folks.

If one of my ideas was curing you of cancer would you still care about the way I told you I was gonna cure you? You know, dropping f-bombs and saying why I think this or that person sucks?

That's correct, a facet of this is about political correctness.

I am not PC. Would you rather not know that there is in fact a way to build a pyramid simply or not hear a good explanation to why the universe appears to be expanding at an accelerating rate from our perspective just because I'm a jerk?

I said I was gonna push it.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?