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Cause this post is about finding level.

All I've ever seen/read about the Egyptians finding level is this...

That just don't cut it. Fine for rough level but I've read that the Great pyramid is only 1" outta level from corner to corner. I struggled with this one for some time back in the day. Know what a water level is? It's a clear tube you put water in, usually dyed. They were all the rage before bubble levels, which was before laser levels. Look like this...

You can run that hose over hill and dale and the water in the two ends will be even. As long as the ends are aligned east/west. I say if they were north/south the southern end would be a tad higher cause of the centrifugal force of the Earth's spin. But not different enough to be able to measure the difference. That's right, I think WAY too much about al this. Anyway I was trying to make a tube outta what the Egyptians had and was failing miserably. I'm trying to glue reeds together but I think the Egyptians were fairly short on flexible glue. Then one day, outta the blue it hit me. Intestines. No, they ain't gonna last forever but men will eat so you are always slaughtering animals so there is always a fresh supply of intestines to make a water level outta.

Think about it.

That's all. Simple, eh? I do believe that is original idea #Fin.

Now for #Sex.

I do so love me a back up plan. The intestines as a water level works just fine, but there is no evidence of this. And why would there be. See? But I gots to thinking anyway. Take that triangle level I posted there and make it more biggerer. The biggerer it is the more accurate it will be. Probably a thing like that would be constructed of wood. Wood can change with humidity, not a big problem in the desert but these folks did good work so I would imagine they would check the accuracy of their levels, often. This could be done with a water level.


Just flip the triangle end to end and if the plumb bob hits the same mark, we good.

Seeing a pattern of simplicity here?


What can I say? I believe everything in life can be made more betterer if there are Monkeys involved. Like this thread now. Cept for maybe movies like King Kong. Cause, you know.

So there is a crew on my job site here who do nuttin but keep up with intestines and levels. Lots of crews on my job site, we'll be getting into that. Too.

Anyone figure out what the worst job on this site is yet?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?