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Marchi, it's been found that the distribution of galaxies coincides with the distribution of Dark Matter, according to a study published in Nature journal a few years ago. The supposed reason is the gravitational attraction of 'ordinary' matter toward dark matter.

Stands to reason.

That doesn't mean there's no Dark Matter in the cosmic cavities that you mention. I imagine there is. But the view at the moment is that most of it's in the same regions as most of the ordinary matter.

Also stands to reason.

But what I was looking for is has the so-called scientists accounted for the normal interstellar matter I referred to as normal mass of galaxies?

And another question...

I'm looking for information of how long it would take to get to light speed from a dead stop at various accelerations. For instance, at 2 G's how long would it take to get to c?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?