Its a funny world. Me? I'm not putting my bets for or against said world anytime soon. Astrophysicists say this mysterious stuff called dark energy can overcome gravity, pushing galaxies apart. Ancient egyptians say (along with the stories from sth, central america, easter island, polynesia New Zealand, Micronesia, indonesia, far east, mid east, africa, europe) that theres this black magic energy that can overcome gravity and thats what was used in local megalith constructions.
Not forming conclusions too soon could be useful.
Perhaps a little subtle, but beautiful how this thread brings these together. :-)
Now teach...
While you have your mallet out...
How did they get those pyramid blocks to all fit so tight together to 1/50 inch tolerances when the granite bedrock it sits on is bent 2ft down in the middle by the weight of the finished job?
I hope their stories about "techniques for making a boulder weigh as much as a mountain", and "making a mountain as light as a feather" don't end up upsetting your applecart. Lolz ;-)