Most humble pardons teacher. cool Since you are most super-brainy pyramid expert in whole world. wink
Why do you keep saying great pyramids of giza are 4500yr old mystery? Surely you are aware that the assertion they were built by Khufu was most embarrassing and petulant fraud by british archeologist in 1800's who after dynamiting his way in and finding no inscriptions. In a frustrated huff. Painted "khufu" in misspelled heiroglyphs, mixing picts from two seperate periods 1 and 2 thousand years later, in red paint in the entry chamber.
They are without a doubt not comparible to any of the mud brick and sandstone clumsey affairs of the post menes eras.

More likely their builders were simular to the summerian chap who had the use of this skull 9000 years ago, and the 2x our brain size greymatter it contained then:


If you can tell us how they moved the up to 2000ton (4.4 million pound) pink granite blocks at Baalbek you'd be real smart. Maybe then you can demonstrate the use of bronze tools in cutting and drilling granite too. For example the holes 8ft deep through some of the blocks in this pic. They have spiral grooves from the drill bit that show cut rates of 2.5mm per bit revolution. We only manage 1/200th of that per bit revolution from diamond drills with 50ton pressure feeding them.


This picture of the darkmatter halos around galaxies with the dark matter filaments, that connect them is intriguing.
Nice comparison with neural structure in a mouse brain.
Those intragalactic filaments are heated to up to 100 million kelvin by some sort of energy passing through them.
While imploding universe is a theory I myself have pondered on, and see some degree of validity in...I do have no doubt about the existance of extradimensions and their involvement in consciousness in complex ways personally. And like the thought that increasing rate of universe expansion might be a function of increasing intergalactic information exchange via dark energy through these nerve like filaments. Patterns repeating at different scale is a common thing to see in this universe.
I have a feeling those REALLY ancient egyptians may have known quite a bit about such things. grin

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