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Could not objectivity be seen as the antithesis of belief, as the former is based on reality and the latter on faith? Or are you claiming objectivity can exist in belief?
What is reality of it is fragmented in belief and experienced differently from personality to personality.
Why not look at objectivity as a refinement of belief. Without trying to be democratic but by immersing yourself in that which underlies beliefs of personality, then it is possible to experience the variance of perceptions in reality without the attachment to it. It would be the difference in seeing the world from inside the wilderness of the forest and from the top of the mountain with knowledge of both.

It wasn't that long ago we believed collectively that it was impossible to fly. Until someone decided to push beyond that belief and build a flying machine the world accepted reality as being without man made flight. Similarly the world does not accept those things which are not experienced yet for thousands of years man has had living within society, people who experience life beyond the limitation of ego and death of the body.
What will it take, the 100th monkey of evolution of man and his ability to receive the experience or is it real now?
Man thinks nothing exists until it is experienced or made available to experience, but isn't discovery really the awakening to that which is already possible but not yet allowed to be real until man has reached a level that makes him capable of using such a thing constructively in his life?
We now have the ability to blow ourselves up several times over and man still doesn't yet have the experience to control himself without losing his objectivity to emotional reaction and create wars, cage people who have been nurtured by a society that cares not for its starving and homeless to become desperate enough to try and take what they need from those who have. We as a society limited by ego still hide our heads in the sand to avoid the very things we could eradicate if we were to apply ourselves to something other than our personal ideals and the greed of self satisfaction.
If we really knew how intimately connected we are to each other we wouldn't ignore what we are in those we choose to judge as criminal, or not worth as much effort as we make to please ourselves by focusing on what we think we can't live without, in our retirement funds, our televisions and RV's, and the labels we give ourselves to make ourselves feel good about who we are.
If we were truly objective and without fear of losing what we have in order to take the time to change ourselves, we could change the world.
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