I wouldn't be doing any celebration dances yet Rev.
It is nice to hear how you feel about celebrating. TT, until you mentioned the subject, it never occurred to me to celebrate anything,

Whenever I now feel like celebrating, or denigrating anything, including persons, I now have the presence of spirit (pneuma) to check my ego and its servant, the mind (psyche). Invariably, I find that my ego--sneak that "she" smile is --is up to no good.

BTW, long before I was introduced to the writings of ET and others, by my daughter--last October--life taught me that celebrating and denigrating is a waste of the Now--in which things come and go and pass away. Only that which is truly valuable--faith, hope, love, joy, truth, peace and justice--remain constant.

For me, GOD is that which helps us live in the Now, the Presence. GOD includes all, even that which some call evil.

I, for one, now experience that NOW as the infinite and eternal moment where true creative love and its by products--faith, hope joy, peace of mind--not just the fleeting by products we call happiness and sadness--all dwell.

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