The ego makes morality possible. I guess that the ego makes both good and evil possible and it is within the reach of most of us to make the better choice. ... It is the device that other animal do not have and thus they instinctively respond immediately to the world.

This is true in the sense that the ego is the mechanism that translates desire or thought into experience. When the ego is without the impressions of belief, it is the servant to consciousness and it works very well.
When the ego becomes filled with ideas of belief, translation of energy becomes convoluted as it passes through or is filtered through those beliefs and the picture/experience isn't clear.
The picture becomes personal and only the one personality will cling to that one picture.
With the separation of personality no two will experience anything exactly the same way.

So interpretation of the original message of Jesus without a cleared ego, is subjective from the point of view of the ego, as belief projects limited ideas of who or what Jesus was and any messages he had to give.
This would be the reason Jesus spoke in parables, and also why there are so many incorrect translations of scripture. The ego steps into a conversation and approaches words without any innocence or the ability to hear or see clearly.
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If I am wrong, I am always open to be corrected.
The obvious reality of that statement is that if you are unable to recognize reality beyond right and wrong, then change will be subject to the belief that would replace the current belief so that you would look in a different direction.
Until the ego is removed as the controller of vision and experience all interpretations of reality are made from the idea that what you see outside of you is not the reflection of you the personality, but someone or something else.
The NOW is not experienced, only reflections of egoic beliefs in reality.

Willingness then would be subject to any change that fits in the box of ideals. If the change requires stepping out of that box without any experience of what is outside of the box, (God in this case) nothing could be recognized when the mind is so attuned only to what the box has conditioned the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

This was the problem with the Pharisees and Jesus. The Pharisees could only see the man and to them the man was a sociopath and or a megalomaniac.
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