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I am very much against the concept of win/win with regard to religion. A person's religious experience is part of their journey, and there can be NO wrong answer and no first prize.

Religion often has very little to do with spirituality. One exists regardless of beliefs, the other exists because of beliefs. The universe always goes on regardless of how one feels about it. Such a reality that there is an expression of creation coming from a source that survives all emotional attachments and beliefs regarding ones place in and amongst the ongoing presence of expanding creation isn't always acknowledged or understood, but we all are experiencing it in the cycles of life and death. In that, there is no right and wrong but there are relative outcomes to the choices we make when we ignore something that is part of us. Especially if it is the greater/lasting part of us.

As I said, how we philosophize or worship is limited when engaged from personal beliefs rather than when we are intuitively connected to the timeless entity that exists within everything.

The science of Yoga exemplifies the ability to consciously join with it and to be aware of it. That science became a religion when Jesus died and left his disciples to carry on with his teachings. The teachings of Jesus were based on the relationship everyone has with the absolute and how to experience it. Not only experience it in ones self but in another.
We all experience the intuitive connection to the way others feel when we become close and less guarded with them such as we do with loved ones. A partner can walk through the door after having a bad day and you can feel it before anything is said.
When one feels a room full of people all experiencing the absolute its like stacking batteries together. The energy is amplified and the experience solidifies faith into an unbreakable connection with reality.
Something like that doesn't change. Only the experience of expansion with it changes.

Regardless of the personal flavor of each expression of God that is the soul in man, the resonance is always the same. When approached with innocence and without preconceived stress related judgments based on what a relationship with it should look like or be, the extent of the infinite is easily recognized as the only real thing that can be applied to humanity and its reflections of choice that is lasting.
Everything else comes and goes like days passing in the week.
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