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Now, TT, tell us about your personal religious faith. Is it a logical one for you?

What I have faith in is beyond the personal, though it is personally experienced, beyond religious confinement of belief tho I have beliefs that include it, and intellectually it doesn't matter whether I agree or disagree with it, it still remains for it exceeds the logic of the mind that must confine itself to rules and boundaries.

I can only surrender to it.

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And how, on a daily basis, does it affect the way you earn your living and spend it in the community--your concept of stewardship?

How it affects the way I earn my living is that I don't fear lack, I don't struggle for money, I work when I want to, and what little money I make personally takes care of the little things I need to be of service to humanity.
Now, stewardship and service to humanity is not something I need worry about. Such ideas derived from personal belief often fail to understand the nature of God.
I find I'm where I need to be when I need to be there, and so is anything of value that I have to offer.
Money having the least value, I find what I have to give to bring one to their own experience of themselves and their creative power in the world as the only thing any man/woman can give that has value. Therefor what I do on a daily basis does not require me to earn a living but to live life to its fullest in comprehension of reality.
That creates an energetic that exceeds all relative wealth because it resonates outward into the world, and affects everything of permanence within humanity, whereas money only temporarily sustains that which is impermanent.

Stewardship is very much attached to religion and politics. It is twisted, judged, misunderstood, chased after in illusions of belief and ideals that to this day have failed to control the nature of human spiritual evolution, or change free will.
Each person must find their own experience of reality and relationship with the absolute. Only one who knows what is inside another man can make themselves available to assist them in their own self discovery. Anything else is a projection of selfish desire and delusion.
Only a man who is one with God and nature can be of assistance to another. Until one knows the Self they cannot know God or human destiny. And if one does not know the nature of ones Self they are unable to help themselves let alone be a steward for their community.
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