Question: Could it be that it is the human imagination--used positively or negatively--which makes all the difference between a good or evil result?

In the teachings of Jesus as expounded in the Bible the union of God and man takes place when man expands his awareness beyond the attachments of the ego and enters his mind into spirit.
Such was the premise for his claim, "I and my Father are One."
Sin or evil is the folly of egoic conscious immersion.
In order for imagination to be good in biblical terms it would have to be the imagination of universal mind or the mind that is united with spirit. Imagination that is situated within the boundaries of ego are filled with the illusions of fear, attachment, jealousy, greed etc etc.
Imagination that inspires great works and new discoveries which expand mankind beyond their present level of understanding, is the imagination that expands minds of man and conscious awareness permanently and is often linked to brief communion with higher levels of reality or omniscient mind. This was also inferred to by Joseph Campbell as ones bliss, when he said follow your bliss,(that which expands your consciousness permanently rather than temporarily).

My feeling is that Einstein in his dealings with energy and universal connected-ness in the unified field theory he sought to prove is linked to higher states of consciousness and not the random imaginings of man fueled by his ego.

The entirety of Christianity is founded on the premise of higher states of consciousness, on Christ-ed consciousness. All inference to good and evil is relative to union or separation with God.
"Satan" is a word for ego.
Faith can be applied to anything but when focused on God has dramatic effects on ones life. Faith when applied to an idea of God when there is no direct experience of Union or God is a nice idea with no point of contact for focus or intention. It is an imaginative impulse that is like a monkey jumping from branch to branch searching for the ideal banana as the mind changes with belief.
Unfortunately there is no placebo for God other than the imaginings of good, which when driven by the ego become personal and not universal, but when accidentally tapped into through random experiences such as those inspired and illumined by great inventors and poets during meditative states while still immersed in the ego reveal temporary glimpses of greater mind.
Faith and Good have to be universal to all regardless of changing beliefs of the ego.
E=mc2 is a scientific formula derived within relative boundaries of manifestation and not necessarily with the thought of God in mind. To take that relative formula and superimpose another thought of divine principles according to inspiration or imagination of the ego seems like trying to put frosting on a textbook to make it a better read.

If God is everything then everything is Good.
IF the ego is still dividing good from evil, inspiration comes while the ego stands surrounded by what it imagines as not God or God created. Such imagination is flawed.

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