There is, and probably never will be, such a thing as a 'common point of understanding amongst mankind'. As we each approach the truth through our own understanding the best we can achieve is an acknowledgement of our differences as well as our agreements. What we need to do is to learn to work within those parameters, allowing for difference and limitations of the individual. We have to aim not for victory for our point of view, but for consensus and cooperation in order to progress.

Is there any such thing as absolute truth?--- Of course there is. I can prove a scientific fact such as the world is a round ball. However I can never prove that there is no god. I don't think there is--- but I cannot prove that. There is a difference between proof and belief. We are all entitled to believe what we may, but it is necessary sometimes to allow other ideas to be expressed, considered and adopted. Just as we cannot claim our own spiritual ideas to be "correct" we cannot state that other people's beliefs are "wrong". To do so would surely be the epitome of ego driven thinking.