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I think we all leave metaphorical 'footprints on the sands of time' --- or at least survive in the memories of others, and perhaps some of our elements are returned to the universe. Is that eternal life as it is understood by those who believe in that concept? I don't believe so.
Eternal life is the continuance of awareness that is universal consciousness which exists regardless of human expiration. From a limited standpoint the ego sees and experiences itself only in the physical boundaries that exist between the birth and death of the human body. The universe and the life within it is much greater than the ego and its limits of illusory manipulation and control that ends in physical death.

The footprints that one leaves on the sands of time are those that are in tune with universal mind. Those that create pathways of conscious awareness in all of mankind.
Memories fade and become distorted, but Truth remains eternal and when one finds and lives from eternal truth they leave markers like breadcrumbs on a living pathway for others to follow.
Jesus was such a person as was Buddha and many other conscious human beings.
It doesn't matter if you have conscious contact with humans to leave such a footprint. You only have to connect with the underlying principle that is the source of humanity.
It leaves an imprint in the collective consciousness which is indelible, but invisible to the ego which creates illusory standards of measure that are constantly changing according to the fragmented pictures created from the myriad of subjective personalities.
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