I find focusing on "thoughts ...attuned to God or the absolute" is a way to quiet the mind "cluttered with thoughts" and again know and feel the connection with....
Sam, by now you are no doubt aware that I like the way you approach the god-concept.

The only difference, it seems, is that I write the concept using the acronym, GOD. It helps me--I speak only for myself--avoid thinking of the creator as having any kind of mass, form and content. This is not unlike the approach of Buddhism--a non-theistic religion.

I have found that most so-called atheists do not deny what I call GOD. They are not against the idea that there is more to the universe than can be perceived by the senses.

When I really get the opportunity to have a good dialogue with them and can get across what I mean when I say "GOD" what I hear is this: "What I cannot accept is the idea that there is a God, or gods, with the power to will, act and do things as if He is a rational and loving being who created and is in control of the universe and all of the space-time continuum."

They are usually quite relieved when I say, "As a unitheist who believe in rational kind of spirituality, Neither do I. Spirituality does not require anyone to have a blind faith, or religion." Then things really open up and real dialogue begins.

Interestingly, the great inventor, Nicola Tesla, a Christian, advocated combining Christianity and Buddhism.

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