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TT- I did remark that they were metaphorical footprints. I like that poem. In spite of the mention of the soul it is a very hopeful point of view, and one I find agreeable. I merely suggest that Longfellow extends the possibility of leaving footprints to us all, not as a mentor but merely by being here, alive, and being entirely human.

Being entirely human is subjective isn't it, when it comes to the personal. In the bigger scheme of things as we learn to discover the potential of Humanity those that are seen as adepts or profits abnormal to the common way of thinking may one day be recognized as closer to being the norm.
Often we narrow humanity to examples that fit our ability to comprehend, and those foot steps that fit into that mold. All others seem to be innocuous and transparent.

Man has a habit of building pedestals that fail to hold an icon for more than a few generations. Perhaps with evolution there will be some improvement.
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