BTW, O enlightened ones, smile out there: I forgot to mention. My wife and our neighbour talked about this real--not just a hypothetical situation, just yesterday.

There is a young driver in the area who, every now and then, zooms up and down our street and around the near-by corners at a very high speed. They, and I, are very concerned that one of these days he could lose control and cause a serious accident--even kill one of the young children who play in the area. This would cause much real suffering, pain and trouble to himself, his family and to the whole community.

We plan to speak to others in the community about this. We are asking them to keep an eye out and perhaps get a license number. We are not doing this just to be snoopy or to get the driver in trouble, but to see if we can do something to prevent such a tragedy. We are also concerned about helping the driver avoid problems, not just any victims.

Shall I tell people not to worry; that an enlightened one smile has assured me that all tragedies, with all that pain and suffering, are just illusions?

When I hurt--even from the memory of past hurts--I hurt in the NOW. Were I to say otherwise I would be lying. Were I to say that there is nothing I can do to prevent at least some of what causes pain and suffering, which comes my way, I would need to try to delude myself and give in to mental chicanery and sophistic reasoning.

Currently, from a wise health professional, I am receiving much help in dealing with a serious prostate situation. That therapist believes in the basic principle of Tolle and others. She has assured me: somatic conditions are real, not just illusions.

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