Everything is "of God" but when god is filtered through the illusions of the ego inspiration doesn't always expand consciousness nor create good.
We see the results of inspiration and imagination that has tried to work for the good of mankind in scientific and medical advents such as the invention and prescriptions of thalidomide to reduce the effects of morning sickness which resulted in creating thousands of deformities in births.
Also the use of creosote as a wood preservative which added to the PCB's found in ground water, which we can add to the myriad of other contaminates such as lead, fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones used in animals which are found in our food and water, and lets not forget antibiotics which are also finding their way into our food and water sources.
This is just the tip of the iceberg in the way science and technology has been inspired with the insight and imagination to invent for the good of humanity.

We intuitively know that there are ways to expand not only the quality of life but the consciousness to facilitate it. However the ego does not tap into universal consciousness when it is left to control the outcome of focus and energy because it does not discard failures which have harmed human life, it incorporates failure by staying within the same level of thought and limitation.
It is a lot like religion which focuses on standing outside of the likes of God, feeling so inferior that it must make a plea to the grace of omnipotent mind for forgiveness for being so low and unworthy and for a few crumbs off of the table of divine goodness and abundance.

Humans can create whatever they want because they are made in the image of God. However all inspiration, imagination and intuition that is filtered through the limitation of ego is not imbued with intelligence of omnipotence, but intelligence of personal realities which are saturated with fear and low self esteem.

It is imperative that man free himself from the influences of his ego before clarity of mind can tap into divine inspiration, insight, imagination and intuition.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!