In my opinion, HOW we perceive the NOW tells us WHO we are.

HOW is an acronym which I use as a short way of expressing our being ready and willing to be honest with ourselves; open and transparent with others, and willing to give good will (that is, love without ego-based emotionalism) to all that is, including nature, circumstances and people.

NOW stands for Nature as perceived by the senses; O stands for our One-ment with all that is--GOD; and W stands for our being ready to meditate on WHO--along with all that is--we are becoming. As we meditate on this let us not be afraid to ask some basic questions about: What...? When...? Where...? Why?...and, Who...we are.
This helps me keep focused in the NOW and come to greater consciousness--a fully functioning and pneuma-like human being capable of living on the cutting edge of time. Do a search on pneuma and pneumatology--the study of spirituality, or consciousness.

Pneumatology includes psychology--the study of how the psyche (the unconscious and animal-like mind) operates. It also includes somatology--the study of the somatic things--the physics, chemistry and the like--which make up the hardware of our computer-like body. But our psyches (software) and somas (hardware)--tools of the ego--are there, not to master, but to serve our pneumas--in charge of programming and operating.

I feel that failure to understand this is the root cause of all evil, anti-social and immoral behaviour, including allowing the harm we do to ourselves when we given in to frustration and despair. Comprehending this is the key to being at one with GOD and part of the whole process of evolution--the process of becoming who we are, co-creators with GOD.

Moral, ethical and loving agnostics and atheists--that is, people who want to be descent and just human beings free from regrets about the past, bitter cynicism in the now and fearful and despairing about the future--let me assure you: If you have problems with god-talk, so do I.

Therefore, I do not insist that you have to use words in the same way many Christians do. Some Christians like to speak of God as the Holy Trinity---Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

There was a time when I felt OK with this verbiage. Not any longer. Now I like using the acronym, GOD. I also like using the null symbol--0 with a / through it, like I use in my signature. Keep in mind it is an acronym, not a noun. If this means nothing to you, I understand.

Some writers, such as Eckart Tolle, speaks of the Presence. It would be interesting to see: What word would make you feel comfortable? Any suggestion as to a word you would like to invent?

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