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TT- your universal perception is blindingly apparent to you, but it remains opaque to others who do not share your subjective beliefs. I feel it is possible to confuse belief with opinion when others are denied the possibility of their own ideas.
Amen, Ellis!!!
BTW, way back, TT boasted that he was spiritually mature enough and in the NOW enough so as to be above being hurt by any admonishments--the kind he majors in handing out to others.

Now he whines:
My interest was in you labeling me a sociopath in your conversation.
OK, I will gladly remove the label and apologize on condition that, without taking on the air of spiritual superiority, he starts being more transparent and less opaque and respects that we all have the right to our own subjective opinions. I am sure that Tolle makes no claim that he is spiritually superior to others.

Thanks for making the attempt to be gracious, but removing the label obviously doesn't change your air of contempt or remove the anxiety. That is what I was referring to as the ego and what sways the intellect from objectivity.
Rather than looking at it as a Whine, I like to look at it as a conscious observation of the obvious.

Obviously I can't take your opinion away from you but if you are so easily threatened by me, and my language, I would have to admonish the rather obvious reality that your opinion is shrouded in fear and conjecture rather than anything substantial if it is so easily threatened by what someone else says about it.

Just because you don't like what I say does not make me the antichrist nor does it diminish your beliefs if you don't have any respect for them to believe they stand on their own regardless of my statements.

You seem to want to make me in charge of your feelings and reactions rather than owning your feelings and reactions yourself.
Do you really believe I can write something here on this forum and by doing so take away your pride and beliefs?
That kind of thinking was an example of the superstition that was empirical during the Puritan Witch hunts.

If it makes you feel any better you can keep the label so you can feel justified in your feelings and accusations. It doesn't matter to me. If it helps you to move thru this and expand beyond this limited idea you cling to more power to you.

C'est la vie
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Another whine
I figured if you didn't want to include me ...

Wrong. My opinion is not personal. I do not know you well enough to be personal. It has to do with having to read so much content and accept your subjective beliefs as if they are God's one and only truth.

If you wish to continue to write as you do now, ego and all, and in complete AWARENESS: I will act on what I wrote in my PM.

Well then using your analogy, (without getting into the full context or meaning of the message and making any more assumptions.....) If you believe I do not know you personally then why take anything I say as personal, or as "God's one and only Truth?" Truth Absolute underlies all meanings and messages. Interpretation of any message is going to be subjective and objective based on levels of awareness and maturity of consciousness. It is often necessary to relay information in terms of its entirety rather than to pick words and phrases from a passage to bolster individual belief as a minister does when reading from a bible, picking out phrases and making assumptions to their meaning and intent.

Obviously if you want to run to the moderator because of the above reasons to "tell on me", what other reason would there be other than to express a personal reason for moderation and judgment? Unless you want to present what you say as the voice of God or all posters of the forum. Are you claiming to be the voice of the public in defense of the public for the crimes of TT against public morals and ideals?

C'mon Rev.... You're making all of this extremely personal.
Perhaps you should take a.... "time out"... wink
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