Yes, thanks Ellis, I made the correction. And, in those days, 'artificial' meant the work of true artisans; and 'amusing' meant the work of the muses.

I have used this riddle in sermons to point out why we need new translations to reflect modern usage. Another example is 'fear' as applied to God. Fear meant to express respect and awe, not to cringe in fear.

In addition to this, we need new theological words and phrases to express new ways of looking at things, especially in this time of quantum physics, the new physics, including string theory and multi-dimensional universes.

The nouns god, gods and the proper noun 'God' no longer serve those of us who have outgrown the limitations imposed on us by theism, especially of the folk kind, of the past. They have served their day. BTW, not just unitheists (panentheists) speak as I do. Even well-read monotheists will not tell you that God is masculine and mono being who lives somewhere out there in heaven--one who listens with ears and sees with eyes.

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