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That made interesting reading TT. I wholeheartedly agree with you with the concept that through free choice son of 'man' becomes Son of God. However there is the posibility that such a choice, freely made, leads not to a belief in god ( however god is seen) but to the knowledge that 'god' does not exist. Cannot the realities of atheism have as much validity as the illusions created by belief?

To answer the first part of the question regarding the proof that God does not exist..
When one becomes Christed or the Son of God, God is experienced not as a separate entity but within everything, and one experiences themselves as God.
God is the active part of the absolute, it by itself does not exist without the still part of consciousness or the energy of potential that is neither beginning or end, called the alpha and the omega or the absolute. It cannot be contained or defined, but it does express itself and can experience expression in the form of our being. We think of ourselves as isolated to our experiences or even isolated by our experiences, when we as physical bodies are reflections of consciousness itself.

If anyone has any fantasies about God they are dissolved when one becomes aware of themselves as the infinite consciousness they are, rather than the piece of the material world they believe they are through the identification of the ego.

If one believes they are an athiest or a thiest it is the same. It is a fabrication of the mind created in the experience of separation of God or separation from the awareness of unity.
The soul experienced is like a mirror facing a mirror. When you stand in between the two they reflect infinite reflections with each reflection having the same potential of energy to move in a direction. Energy does not recognize itself as good or bad nor does it see itself as anything static and solid. IT flows in and out of time and space and experience. Consciousness or God is that free flowing energy and it lives as experience, thought and desire. We identify with the thoughts and believe we are those thoughts when we are more than the thoughts, we are the creator of the thoughts and the activity that surrounds thought in experience and idea is merely reflection of thought.
Within the mirrors there is no real one single object of truth. Truth is what underlies and supports all of the images and the directions they take. Free will is imbued within each reflection to take a course and God being without boundaries is not limited to which course of action or where action will end, or an image of one kind or expression of one value. There is as many possibilities for experiences to express itself as there are possibilities for thought, expression and reflection. That is who we are, and that is God.

When we experience God we experience the reflection of God because God itself cannot be limited to an experience. Because god is not limited it can be experienced, but it will not be contained within the experience, nor does the experience of God remain static, it is ever changing and evolving as our awareness expands with the infinite.
We are both unmanifest and manifest, one does not exist without the other.
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Obviously, TT is revealing to us what he/she has as a philosophy of religion, which I find most interesting. I am most willing to do likewise.

Actually I am putting into words what I experience.
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