Anyone, go ahead. Tell me all about you and what, in the philosophies, the arts and sciences, turns you on. What are your questions, your hopes, and dreams. How interested are you in becoming a highly evolved and fully conscious spiritual being? Without resistance or emotional negativity, all my senses are, to the best of my ability, open and alert to read what you have to say.

I may ask questions, or even disagree with you, but I promise to do so agreeably--and without be judgmental. If I ever offend, please tell me and I will gladly apologize. Especially so, if I bore you.

If what anyone writes educates, enlightens, challenges, enriches, helps, amuses, interests and helps me be present in the Now, wonderful!

If anyone offends me, without attachment to my own views, or to my egoic mind, and opinions, I consciously choose to have the Presence of Spirit, the insight and wisdom to "turn the other cheek"--i.e, yield, surrender, without resignation, to the flow of life in the Now. Eckart Tolle writes about the need to understand this in his wonderful book, The Power of NOW--a Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.

If anyone bores, or tries to use and manipulate me--without resentment or resistance (I hope)--I will remove myself, walk away, move on and take a rest, which I soon will ZZZZZzzzzz..... smile

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