Some writers, such as Eckart Tolle, speaks of the Presence.
In this case Tolle speaks of the Absolute/Trnascendant/Presence, not from the imagination but from his relationship of constant awareness. This in itself has an impact on others when he speaks from that awareness because it carries a resonance, or unified vibrational connection. Even if those who are listening to him speak do not have a direct experience of it, it still resonates at deep levels of the mind. This is the same Christed consciousness that Jesus spoke of to his disciples when he encouraged them to spread the word, the Aum, the teaching of the God. It is through this resonance that creation responds and consciousness manipulates waves into particles.
To simply make up a word from the limited surface of the mind and its imaginative ego will never have the same unified effect.
One of the reasons the bible mentions the word of God or that Eastern practices speak of meditating on the word of God or the Aum is because it is like the root of the tree.
While the imagination is watering branches of the tree of life by creating symbols that resonate with the ego and personality, the heart is connected to the root and is nourished by the central vibratory resonance that is in all things.
Tolle speaks of that presence of resonant being, the underlying nature of all of reality which when tuned into brings the mind to the now or the absolute potential of the Universe or as it is sometimes called the mind of God.

The Science of Yoga (union) exists because of the mechanics involved that are the nature of reality. One only need tap into the nature of reality by using the tools that allow you to do so.
By connecting to it often enough or continuously, you become one with it.
By making up words and symbols and idealizing it in the imagination you stand outside of it and by egoic determination search through the box of past impressions and fabricate according to beliefs in an idea or ideas.
The absolute underlies all ideas and it underlies all egoic treasure chests of collected impressions and imaginings of the mind based on the surface impressions of the mind and its connection to the outward directed senses.
The mind has to be directed toward the subtle nature of reality which are underlying the surface senses which are ego based and judgmental, it has to be directed inward rather than outward.

You can not by the intention of ego, intend to be in the now, or be non-judgmental and unconditioned by feelings and the past. It is not a process of self hypnosis in fact the ego is the product of self hypnosis.
Intellectual understanding has to be expanded and all impressions of the past cleansed of stress to prepare the nervous system for a clear experience of the Now.

Symbolism when generated without the experience of the "Presence/Absolute/Transcendetal now," is like throwing darts at a dart board on the moon while facing away from it blindfolded.
It feels good to the ego but has no resonant connection to the absolute reality which is beyond all beliefs and feelings.
Even if you had all 6 billion people on the planet get together and make up a word that feels good it would not bring God or the presence into being or into experience. The history of religion should be evidence enough of that reality.

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