I do try to answer your questions (if I can ) . So here I go with an opinion. I do not think that respecting others' sincerely held opinions is a 'win/win situation', I think it is a decent thing to do, and good manners. I am assuming the sincerely held belief is 'nice' and not a conviction that eating people's livers is a good idea (sorry there I go again with the sarcasm!)

TT said;
Universal law unites all things regardless of personality and beliefs in idealism. It stands eternal whereas beliefs and personality are constantly changing and evolving based on conscious awareness of reality.
Evidence of such evolution is the attachment to symbolism. Ideas regarding the nature of reality are translated into idolistic markers that are heavily leaned upon until something better comes along, in which case the old idol is replaced with a new one and with new meanings.

Well said. I would add that when we find that sense of universality we are able to expolore the possibilities of real truth which comes not just from our own ideas but from the connection to absolutely everything that is or ever was or will be. Now that sounds religious so I'll make it clear that I do not believe that the 'is now, ever was, or will be' is god. I just think it IS.