HOW we perceive the NOW tells us WHO we are.
Posters: You--or someone you respect--can put this on a tape, or on a disc. Then it can be used it as a meditation.

Begin by taking a position that is comfortable for you--perhaps with the kind of background music you prefer--in a quiet place. Then listen to, or even just speak the following words to yourself:

The following words will help you relax, physically, mentally and spiritually, and bring into the INFINITE AND ETERNAL PRESENCE:
HOW is a useful acronym. It helps us remember the following principles: to be ready and willing to be
honest with self and others;

[Now pause...Breathe deeply, three...or four...times and just let the meaning of these words sink in almost without you having to think much about it. ...Now continue.]

Be open, honest and transparent, with self and others. Be willing to give good will (that is, love without ego-based emotionalism) to all that is, including nature, circumstances and people.

Pause...and repeat the above instruction about deep and relaxed breathing...

NOW is a useful acronym, also.
The N is for Nature and Nuture as perceived by the senses, with the support of Pneumature (our spiritual nature) creating a Oneness with all that is--GOD
--all Goodness, Order and Design.

W is for our being Willing and ready to meditate on
Who we are.


WHO are we?
We are:
Wholistic beings in the process of becoming more so.
We are people who perceive the Wonder of life; the
Wow!!! in all that is. We are
Humane and Humble (teachable) beings. We are
Ontological beings
who, with others, feel good about being
in the process of becoming more so, even
One with GOD. If you prefer another term to help you be at one with the highest power, knowledge or goodness, feel free to use it.

As we meditate on the reality of
WHO we are,
let us not be afraid to ask some basic questions about all that we perceive:

Let us ask about the
What...? When...? Where...? Why?...and, Who...? of all that we experience.

This can help us keep focused in the NOW and on our coming to greater and greater consciousness as a fully-functioning and pneuma (spiritual)-like human beings capable of living on the cutting edge of time--the infinite and eternal NOW. Feel free to add philosophical and/or theological concepts which vibrate with the what make you feel OK.

[Pause... Meditate for as long as you wish.... Then, with a sense of
The PRESENCE of all that is, return, energized to your regular activities.]


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