One hobby I have is writing rhymes. Yesterday--bright, warm and pleasant in Toronto--inspired by my reading of Eckhart Tolles, Power of the NOW, the following rhyme came to me while I was mowing the lawn. Believe it or not, I put these words to paper before I read any of today's posts. BTW, check out:
Spiritually speaking, ET and I are at-one-ment.
The NOW, the HOW and the Presence--GOD as Love?
NOW Will with me that Presence be
Love in the midst of pain and strife.
This guides us HOW to feel the NOW
In all that we call life.
NOW is the only time we have,
All else is but confusion.
Stay in the NOW, morn, noon and night;
And there'll be no illusion.
To clarify what I mean:

NOW. I use it as an acronym representing our Nature/Nurture being under the Oneness of Will.

HOW. An acronym representing our being Honest, Open and Whole beings in Whole Being (GOD--the Goodness, Orderliness and Desireable Design in all that IS.)

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