TT, I will leave it to readers, including the moderators, to ask you what you have in mind.

You already know what I have in mind. I told you, but for some odd reason you aren't able to comprehend the simplicity of it.

My main interest is in dialogue. Without claiming that I have The Truth I prefer to dialogue and learn from others about the nature and art of meditation.
Does this mean that you are unwilling to share information regarding your own nature and art of meditation when asked for fear it will lead to a debate?

For the record: Religiously and theologically speaking, I have one basic principle, or doctrine--found in all the great religions: It is The Golden Rule. Is there anyone who does not know what this basic principle is?

Then you would, according to your interest in dialogue (learn from others about the nature and art of meditation) be willing to give what others would give to you regarding information..


I repeat: My main interest is in dialogue, not debate. And I do not use "dialogue" as, "...an excuse to control the direction of a topic..." (Your words.)

That remains to be seen. If you seek to gain without giving the same you neither follow a rule that is golden, nor do you dialogue without prejudice.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!