Posters: IMO, ones religion includes anything which give meaning and purpose to ones life. Some religions are good; some are not so good, and some even sick--like those which advocate violence to those who refuse to bow and scrape.

Then there are those who find life is without meaning. It seems to me that they have a religion that is not so good. For example, like nihilistic existentialism. Sad.

BTW, is a huckleberry similar to a black berry?

IMO, Huck Finn was no outcast. When he refused to surrender a runaway slave to the slave-hunters, this, to me, made him a hero.

BTW 2, I am not into judging the motives of others. I leave it to them to reveal their motives when they feel free and comfortable, to do so. No one, except me, can really judge my motives--even when they know me, close up. There is always room for flexibility. However, how we act does count for a lot. But I do not speak or act to win the approval of everyone.

Dialogue is about the communication of ideas and to learn something new--my chief interest here.
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