C'mon Rev.
Don't you want to share with the posters why you think they should post in response to your topics? You have urged the lurkers to come forward and respond to the topics you have started, but why?
Share with them why you come here and post time and time again expressing your beliefs and your associations with people and subject of notoriety. I'm sure that there is no lack for words in your experience, and it follows the energetics of your urging them to participate and fits within the topic of beliefs and philosophy.

We all know you like to dialogue and in the past you have been pretty narrow about how that dialogue works but now you are attempting to be open enough not to turn away what you might construe as an argument or debate in favor of including all ideals and expressions in the definition and dialogue and to include free expression as part of ones beliefs and philosophy, and even the possibility of ones religion.
Don't fade out now. Instead of backing up accounts of the past with links and books share why you believe others should be here expressing their beliefs, what you think they have to gain.
Don't you want to tell them why?


Dialogue is about the communication of ideas and to learn something new--my chief interest here.

I pulled this quote from a previous post but I'm hoping to find out if it is strictly to fulfill your interest in getting others to express, or if you believe others have or should have the same interest. Is it part of your philosophy and religion, or are you still refining your philosophy and religion by listening to others.

I have experienced in my own observations how you change with currents of expression to include words you think have more meaning such as changing the word God to G'd or GØD. How you said you followed the expressions of Whitehead and now Tolle and many others, leaving a myriad of references to your beliefs and incorporating anything that feels good to you.

Are you still hungry for knowledge to add to your beliefs? Are you asking the many for more input to satiate your appetite for knowledge? Is the accumulation of knowledge in your experience the food of the Gods or GØD? You have urged others to join you in discussion so many times in the past. What is the hunger you have with dialogue?

I'm seriously interested.

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