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Thus following any book blindly in the hopes of improving life is about as intelligent as trying to learn to fly by reading a novel about airplanes. But for those whose mental instruments do in fact translate thought without distortion from the Source, reading or hearing the expressions of other such minds is a constant thrill of delight. It is never a matter of competition. A truly enlightened follower of any faith will see only the Beauty in all other religions.
I haven't yet read past this part [sorry], but I couldn't resist:

"A truly enlightened follower of any faith will see only the Beauty in all other religions."

Gosh, what a wonderful sentiment. This should be in all the "bibles" of the world.

It reminds me of what I just posted, concurrently with your post above, at "Unified Field Theory. Maybe?":
"I find it helpful to accept (conditionally) the validity of all theories (and new hypotheses), and then see how they can be interpreted in terms of my own "perspective" or GUT (Grand Unified Theory)."

Although I didn't say so, it is the most beautifully rewarding experience to feel as if I'm at least close to correctly interpreting something (in terms of a 'unified' perspective). Hopefully that was somewhat indicated be the succeeding statement:

"I think it's great that the Zeitgeist is changing so that, without mathematical proof, we can now see beyond the illusory separate nature of reality, and see intuitively into the unified nature of reality."

So TT, if I can interject....
Can we define "Beauty" as a reflection of Truth, or a refraction of Truth, ...or in some way related to Truth?

~ wink

...now I'll go finish reading ...[sorry].
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