It is cruel and inhuman to assume that tragedies, pain and suffering are illusions, brought upon the sufferer by their own sin, fate or happenstance-- or due to a crease in the Space-Time continuum or some such unfeeling rubbish. Illness and suffering have many causes, some of which we are unable to change, others which we can foresee and remediate. Some cope through prayer, others offer help and support and others condemn with spiritual superiority. May the latter never need the comfort of others.

Rev-- We too had a guy in the neighbourhood who would spend the weekends hooning around on his motorbike really, really fast. It was both noisy and unsafe. He does it no longer as he killed himself by running into a truck. Whilst we acknowledged the grief of his family and were sorry for the truckdriver we were all relieved that he had not taken someone else with him, and peace and quiet had returned.
Try and stop it in your area. Death in these cicumstances is unnecessary- not illusionary.