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Keep in mind I have no quarrel with theists who have no problem believing in God, as a personal being who gives meaning and purpose to their lives, purely on the basis of faith.

Theists an deists: Please understand that with the way my brain is wired, I have a problem thinking of God as a person, but I keep an open mind. Therefore, I can understand what makes some of us atheists, or agnostics.

For me--and I admit that I could be proved wrong: Unitheism--the idea that GOD, as the infinite and eternal NOW, or The Presence, is in and through all that is, including your person and mine--makes a lot of sense to me. Until something better comes along, here is the theological basis in which I believe and upon which I will act.

Moment by moment, and day by day, I make practical use of this concept. It helps me deal with life physically, mentally and spiritually.

Atheists and agnostics: Feel free to be part of this dialogue. As a unitheist I am not here to judge you, and I feel that most theists feel the same way.