Truth is in itself not destructive. People in their beliefs that are conjured from the limited imagination of ego which is driven from fear rather than love become destructive to themselves and their environment.
This destructive energy is drawn from Truth and twisted into darkness rather than light. We are allowed to make the choice to do so in order to discover the nature and potential of ourselves.
The surface appearances are easily misconstrued from belief in it being more real than the truth. When we turn back to the truth and align with it we become part and parcel to that which expands and fills everything with Truth. The nature of such absorption is called Nirvana or Bliss.
The nature of absorption into the relative limits of ego is called suffering and Hell.
These are terms which have no real meaning to one who has no awareness of these realities and no personal experience with them. But they inspire fantasy and belief.
We like to believe we can know or do know because we fear the darkness of not knowing.
Some are easily threatened by the awareness of how little they know. That pushes the ego into feeling attacked and by habit of what the ego identifies with in self preservation has a tendency to defend or fight back.
This is the hell Jesus spoke about some 2000 years ago.

The greatness of our fear or inability to condense the infinite universe into some sense of control causes us to create beliefs and habits to try and define reality so that we can prevent or circumvent bad experiences which we store in neural patterns of memory in the brain.
Being in what Tolle calls the now as the Reverend has become so interested in, or what others call the absolute or transcendental experience, or rising above duality and beyond ego brings us beyond fear.

Ultimately we all would like to find relief from the ideas that threaten our peace of mind and our senses. The belief that there is some thing, or some way to achieve this is easily adopted in favor of the everlasting condition of the threat to personal freedom and physical suffering that is the unknown.

Because the separation from isness in knowledge and experience is so prevalent we believe it is controlled by some higher authority because we cannot conceptualize the reality that it is by our own choices that we create the conditions to our personal experience of suffering.
We have experiences that do not bother us and others which do. We watch others have experiences of something we do not like and not be bothered and we experience what bothers someone else. This is our clue to the fact that we decide how we experience rather than an object controlling us.
This can lead us to the awareness of freedom from outside authority that is created from fear and habit, if we would really take a close look.
For those who would rather focus on instant gratification and to avoid the process of self exploration, it is easier to put salvation in the hands of some divine power that has the power to bathe us in our greater good and glory even when we are too lazy and stupid to see it and take it for ourselves.
For some it is a desperate measure to try and force happiness into their lives even if it is at the cost of others happiness.

We either live by trial and error or we live and learn through the guidance of those that have actually found the way.

Pride tho often circumvents the heart and its ability to ask for help for fear of looking and feeling inadequate.
The Ego NEVER asks for help. It will make up a belief before it does.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!