revelgking, are you speaking about a specific project or are you generalizing about any project designed to bring others together for a higher good?

TT, it sounds like we are all on a similar if not same page.
your words,

" Therefore, for example, we do not
speak our resentment but hold it inside, festering, until it erupts in attacks far greater than the original
action we did not take, or until it kills us. This way of living is backwards, it is destructive, it cures nothing"

are so true to everything I exerience personally and clinically. We humans are finding new and amazing functions of "festering emotions", functions that transcend the usual toxic expression or suppression, niether of which is wholly transformational by themselves.

All true healing methods intercept and transform the toxicity characteristic of emotions in one way or another, and all effective healing methods require siccinct mental surrender of our usual fearful control grip. The differences in the healing methods is only the means by which they convince others to momentarily surrender that control and let the transformation take place. I find that this is where all differences are the same.