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Whenever I now feel like celebrating, or denigrating anything, including persons, I now have the presence of spirit (pneuma) to check my ego and its servant, the mind (psyche). Invariably, I find that my ego--sneak that "she" smile is --is up to no good.

I hope that includes any false ideas you might have had in leading yourself and or anyone else into believing the idea or experience of nothing was the same as No-thing or God.
Also it might free you from the idea of fostering truth in and amongst illusion and ignorance, as being denigrating toward anyone that is deluded. That would be an ego thing as well if one is not immersed in the now or at-one-ment with God or universal mind.
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For me, GOD is that which helps us live in the Now, the Presence. GOD includes all, even that which some call evil.

Actually the presence of evil is not a god created thing, it is an ego created thing of which ego being created by God is allowed to swill in its own concoction of illusion, as well as stand in Truth and clarity. That would be the image of God, to make choice through free will to manifest whatever one desires regardless of how expansive or contracting to the human nervous system.
In reality everything is just energy. Quality of energy is pasted on top, like celebrating or denigrating. Its all in the way you see things. Either you see through the eye as single or you see with the two eyes of duality.
God doesn't really help anyone in the way you might think. God is ever-present and when one turns toward God rather than ego one is automatically charged/helped with divine energy. It is when one turns toward the illusions of ego that one ignores Gods Love/Help. Words are so easy to get lost in dontcha think. Trying to stay ahead of the game by learning definitions and playing games with definitions is what is known as an enlightened Ego.
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I, for one, now experience that NOW as the infinite and eternal moment where true creative love and its by products--faith, hope joy, peace of mind--not just the fleeting by products we call happiness and sadness--all dwell.

That's amazing. You went from nothing to no-thing as soon as you got your definitions straight!
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