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All those who have a direct experience of the absolute recommend a relationship with it.

Wow! That should be a bumper sticker!

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The surface of the mind is cluttered with thoughts, some 50-60,000 of them according to Stanford research. Non of those thoughts are attuned to God or the absolute. If they were there would be no illusions cast upon the world and there would be no separation of God and human awareness of God.

I find focusing on "thoughts ...attuned to God or the absolute" is a way to quiet the mind "cluttered with thoughts" and again know and feel the connection with....

But what about the car?
I get my kids to try out the pedals and gearshift, and steering wheel (but not with the car running).
And I talk to them about what I'm doing (and why) as I'm driving sometimes.
I hope this'll help when they start driving a car themselves.

~ wink
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