Ellis, what is illogical about one having faith, even one that may prove to be wrong?

I'll answer that..
Faith can be applied to anything. If you are such a proponent for symbolizing God that is not a person or a thing, and someone you engage believes he/she knows God as a person or thing, everything you say in regards to show me the proof will be met with something that has or has not a logical reasoning. If that logical/illogical reasoning fails to produce proof but bears the reflection of belief, and belief divides humanity into factions that begin to fight with each other, then faith becomes an illusion rather than something applied to an actual experience or a Universal reality.

It seems to me that having a sighted-faith--one based on a rational foundation and the scientific method--is very logical indeed.
And if you apply that to the first statement you have just answered the question in a logical way. However mainstream science doesn't substantiate a universal God of any kind and Religious or spiritual science base their logic on the personal experience of God, the repeatability of states of consciousness, and the awareness of God at those levels of consciousness. This cannot be proven to an individual who has no experience but can be applied through the mechanics of the approach to lead one without experience to experience. Then the logic is that the burden of proof is laid upon those who wish to see for themselves rather than those who have already experienced God.
This then becomes the highest choice of humanity, to find God through free will.
Faith then is sighted when there is experience of universal law or principal or the experience of that experience such as having engaged a Saint or Son of God as is written of in scripture.

The real religious divide in the United States isn't between the churched and the unchurched. It's between different kinds of believers
That'd be ego primarily. substantiating the reality that faith individualized into personal beliefs that are divided and separate from God and yet idealized as directed toward God (especially a personalized God), are applied to personal illusions rather than universal Truth.
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